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The Saint John Revolving Fund

Assisting the Love City Community Since 1995 

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Even in a place as beautiful as the island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands, unfavorable events happen.  And, as we all know, disasters can strike.  When unfortunate and unexpected things happen to people living on St. John, they are not alone.  The strength and beauty of the community here is an incredible thing to witness as we rally around each other in times of need.  And at the center of all of that is The St. John Revolving Fund (SJRF).  This fund was established after Hurricane Marilyn devastated St. John in September of 1995 and has been there to support St. John community members in times of financial hardship ever since.

Unfortunate and Unexpected Events

We aRe heRe foR you!

Natural Disasters

We aRe heRe foR you!

Medical and Travel Expenses

We aRe heRe foR you!

And Counting!


Contact Us Today 

If you are in need of assistance, you would like to contribute to the fund or you would simply like more information.  Or just shoot us a message to say Good Day!

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