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~Who We ARe~

The St. John Revolving Fund (SJRF) is a type of community financial safety net.  It began with a simple act of kindness and continues in that manner. 

Since 1995, SJRF has helped over 350 individuals and currently has approximately 35 recipients receiving financial assistance. Over time, the mission expanded to include serving as an umbrella organization for community-based initiatives to enable tax-deductible donations to support the residents of St. John in their times of need.

~OuR StoRy~

~OuR StoRy~

Connections of St John, Inc., since its inception in 1983, has been the communication hub for St. John.  After Hurricane Marilyn, it became a base of operations.  Everyone who could, made their way to Cruz Bay to post messages and updates about friends and family and recovery information.

A couple of days after Marilyn, Laurie Tittle, a nurse at Myrah Keating Smith Health Care Center, and her husband, Terry Tittle, came to Connections with a plan to help St Johnians recover. Laurie brought two of her paychecks totaling about $1000. Their idea was to help St Johnians by creating a non-profit St John Revolving Fund. People who had emergency medical needs and no other financial resources could apply for an interest-free loan with a repayment schedule, thereby, keeping funds available for the next person in need

Post Hurricance Irma St. John

~OuR StoRy~

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~OuR StoRy (continued)~

...SJRF was able to help people get their prescription glasses replaced, prescriptions filled, medical needs, emergency transportation, and more during the hurricane recovery phase and then to continue to help the community for the next 25 years.

Over time, SJRF was able to expand the vision of the Tittles by becoming a "receivership" for fund-raising causes, such as surgeries, homes & businesses destroyed by fires, funeral expenses and many other circumstances with unexpected financial hardship involved...

Over time, SJRF has also been able to donate to other island non-profit organizations such as the St John Cancer Fund, Island Health & Wellness Center's Prescription Revolving Fund, St John Rescue's Paramedic Training and the Search Team Fund for missing persons, Our Lady of Mount Carmel's Homeless shelter, Community Foundation of Virgin Islands and more!

Young Moko Jumbies Photo:  Barbara Young

~OuR Team~

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