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CuRRent PRojects

For some examples of our community assistance work, please take a look at the community members and projects that we are currently assisting.  Please consider a donation to SJRF so we can KEEP THE GIVING GOING!  Please note:  Because all of our requests for assistance are confidential, the names of some of the individuals below are hidden to protect their privacy. 

Palm Tree at Honeymoon St. John

A Caring Daughter

An aging generational St. Johnian was recently diagnosed with cancer after a tumor was found in his lower back.  His smart, hardworking and caring daughter is currently at university in the states and has been traveling back and forth to the USVI with her father in order for him to receive treatment at a hospital near her school.  Donate Today in order to help us continue to assist our community in difficult situations!

Currently Battling Cancer

A 68-year-old female with strong ties to St. John has been battling cancer with ongoing chemotherapy treatments.  Originally, she was receiving treatments in the states but wanted to come home to St. Thomas to be with her family.  Treatment was not as easy to come by here so now she is, once again, heading back to the states to receive the medical care she needs.  Travel bills are stacking up, as are medical expenses.  In most situations, community members on St. John who are diagnosed with a complex condition must absorb the cost of, not only medical bills, but also travel expenses so that they can travel to the states in order to seek proper medical care.  Help us continue to assist our community members with the financial stresses surrounding medical treatment.  

Cinnamon Saint John - Hillary
Sunset Virgin Islands

Help A Heart

An upstanding resident and community contributor recently was diagnosed with a serious cardiac issue that required immediate travel to the states for tests and treatments.  Although this male and his wife and employed full-time, the unexpected travel and medical expenses were a larger burden than they could handle.  The grant from SJRF allowed them to travel to receive the immediate medical care that he so desperately needed without the added stress of worrying about how to cover the unexpected expenses.  Donate now to help us further assist our community members with unexpected medical costs.   

Donate in Honor of Bev

A dear friend and giving community member, Beverly Owens Goodwine, continues her battle with cancer.  In January of 2022, Bev was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and after many months in Chemotherapy, she left island in December of 2022 to undergo a bone marrow transplant which was a success!  Last year, Bev was pronounced CANCER FREE, but she wasn't out of the woods yet.  And, in March of 2024, Bev lost the fight with cancer after a long and heroic battle.  She was both a recipient and an avid supporter of St. John Revolving Fund and our entire community mourns this recent loss of a beautiful light in our world lost too soon.  If you would like to make a donation in Bev's honor, please donate today and write, "In memory of Bev" in the donation notes.  

Boating St. John
Grasshopper St. John

Grasshopper Lives On

Phillip "Grasshopper" Pickering suffered a debilitating stroke in 2015. Together with his brother, Alvin "Jupiter" Pickering, and his two sons, Akiba "Mr Snooze" and Aswad "Black Lion" Pickering, and Paul Samms, the Inner Visions reggae band delighted the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean until his stroke. 

Grasshopper still lives on St John with his mother and is wheelchair bound and has some speech difficulties. His beautiful voice, kindness and smile are treasured by all who know him.  SJRF has helped Grasshopper each step of the way as he has gone through the trials and tribulations of recovery from this stroke.  To allow us to continue to support our community members who are fighting long and arduous battles to recovery, please consider a donation to the Fund.

St. John Revolving Fund Grants

All grants issued from SJRF to community members in need are given with the hope that the recipient will donate back into the Fund when they are able.  However, it is sometimes difficult to financially recover from disasters and medical emergencies.  And, as you can see from the stories above, some of these grants are simply given in goodwill with the recipient left unable to donate back into the fund.  Please consider a donation to SJRF in order for us to pay it forward and continue assisting our community members in their time of need.  Thank you, in advance, for keeping the fund revolving.  Keeping the giving going.

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