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Success StoRies fRom the SuRvivoRs

The most impactful information we can give you about the St. John Revolving Fund is not actually our own story to tell.  Please read the testimonials below written by community members who benefitted from this incredible program in their time of need. 

Colin P Testimonial

Colin P.

Resident of the Grunwald Apartment Building (Fire, 2022)

"The St. John Revolving Fund is the heart of Love City, and I found that love and support firsthand after one of my darkest days."

I unfortunately lost everything, including my best friend and pup, Saint. Everything I owned except for what I was wearing and what I had in my backpack the night of the Grunwald fire was gone. I came out of the fire with a few burns and bruises. But overnight my world was turned upside down.

Almost immediately, I was contacted by Cid Hamling and the St. John Revolving Fund. After the initial shock of losing our home and everything, I was able to meet with Cid and speak about the help the fund would provide to myself and others affected by the fire. It wasn’t the first outreach of love and support because this island is so small and word spreads quickly, but it was one of the most impactful.

Anonymous donors and support from not only this island, but from all over the world were donating to help us get back on our feet and provide some stability. In a time where so many of us struggled with how to even start to think about piecing things back together, this was immediate relief to help us start that process. It was unexpected, but that love and support from the donors to the St. John Revolving Fund epitomizes this little island we call home. The outreach from people that considered me family because I share this beautiful island home with them is something I’ve never experienced anywhere else. I’m so grateful every day that I still l call this home, in large part due to the love and support from the 

St. John Revolving Fund.

Leslie M.

Recipient of Funds for Medical Expenses (2023)

Leslie M Testimonial

Four years ago, I started having some issues with Urinary tract infections and kidney stones. After two unsuccessful surgeries in 2022 to get rid of the stones, the urologist in St Croix stated I needed more diagnostic tests and likely another surgery that he could not assist with due to Hurricane Maria destroying their diagnostic equipment. I started my quest stateside for medical assistance to no avail. We were delighted that we found a medical Tourism team and Hospital in Puerto Rico who could help. Following a week full of diagnostic procedures, it was determined that my left kidney was functioning at only 10-15% and since this was the kidney with all the infection and stones, it was decided that the entire kidney should be removed. Thanks to the assistance of the St John Revolving Fund, we initially got a loan to assist with the medical bills. People from all over the world donated to our request for financial assistance and the loan was paid off immediately with more funds coming in to assist with all the medical bills. We were overwhelmed, not only by the financial assistance people provided to us, but also by the love and compassion we received from St John Revolving Fund's board. This is a wonderful program for people in need and we are forever grateful. 

Tim S Testimonial

Tim S.

Recipient of Funds for Medical Assistance (2021)

St John Revolving fund came together for me when I least expected it. I was stabbed in my spinal cord on May 28th 2021 and airlifted to Miami trauma center. While I was there I had to go through rehab to learn to walk again and to how use my left hand. Unexpectedly, while in there the community of St John & the Revolving Fund did a fundraiser at the Windmill Bar for my medical bills and living expenses. Needless to say it was super amazing, and I will be forever thankful for the people of St John and the St. John Revolving Fund.

Do you have a success story about the St. John Revolving Fund?  Send it to us!  We would love to add more stories to this page!

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